Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

CITL Prayer Life

Jesus said that His house was a house of prayer. We believe prayer is an opportunity to invite God’s presence, power and provision into every aspect of our lives.

We pray at home, individually, with our families, before and during ourworship services, in all of our Get Connected small groups, before every event, every meeting and in the market place. There is prayer for healing in every service. God is manifested every time prayer is answered –  so the more we pray the more He answers. Perhaps we can pray for you today? Send your prayer requests to: or call 207-703-6355 and leave a message. Please be advised: It may take up to 24 hours for a response.

When God answers your prayer request, would you let us know so others can see His power and give Him glory? We host regional prayer clinics, corporate fasting and prayer among all of our Churches in the Lead (CITL) churches. CITL is leading the way to Christ-likeness through fasting and prayer.

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