Music Ministry

If you are passionate about music, singing or Technical Arts or if you love to make new, long-lasting friendships and enjoy using what you’ve learned to help others grow, then the CLC Music Ministry is the place for you. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and help you get connected in our ever-increasing family.

Opportunities to serve are as follows:

Technical Arts:
Technical Arts Assistant Director
Sound Ministers
Projection Ministers

CLC Choir:
Choir Singers
Assistant Choir Director

CLC Worship Team:
Vocalists (Vocalists are selected from the CLC Choir)
Instrumentalists (Drummers, Guitarists, Pianists, Bassists, Horns, Violinists)

Don’t see what you play above? That’s okay! Still inquire with us and we can work to find a place for you. For more information contact Rena Bold, Music Ministry Director, at (207) 449-3824 x 203 or Rena.Bold@clifechurch.com.

Children’s Ministry

Do you feel there must be more to Children’s Ministry than what you’ve seen up to now? Do you want to learn how to bring children into the supernatural presence of God? If you are an energetic, fun loving believer with a heart to communicate the Gospel to children, our team would love to meet you. We have opportunities to minister to children in our infant, toddler and kinder rooms. For more information, contact Deb White at (207)449-3824 x 205 or DebWhite@clifechurch.com.

Women’s Ministry

Do you have a heart for women? Like to hang with your girlfriends, laugh, and have time with God too? The Women’s Ministry may just be the place for you. We’re looking for women to assist with our events, to reach out to other women and for women who just want to have fun!! We’re also looking for creative ideas for new ways to bring women together. We’ve done ‘Chick Flick’ movie nights, clothing swaps, birthday parties, brunches and pot faith dinners and want to know, do you have an idea for a new event? We’d love for you to join us. Please contact Trineka Robinson at (207) 449-3824 x 206 or iinspired323@gmail.com

if you would like more information.

Host Ministry

If you love to serve as a hostess or host we invite you to come and check us out. We provide a place where new people and long time attendees can make long lasting friendships while fostering fellowship among our guests and members. The Host Ministry provides guests and members with coffee and snacks, assisting in team functions and hospitality for our guest speakers. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and help you get connected in our growing family. For more information contact Deb & John Mattis (207) 252-1447 or Host.Ministery@clifechurch.com.

Current Serving Opportunities: There are opportunities to host either first or second service. You can also request a specific week in the month that is convenient for you.

Usher Greeter Ministry

The Usher and Greeters Ministry here at CLC has the privilege of being the “Ears and Eyes of the King” by cultivating and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment, naturally and spiritually, that will allow others to enter into an experience and fellowship with God and one another. We make a difference in the Body of Christ. All men and women who have a servant’s heart to usher in God’s presence are invited to join this growing family. Contact William Holsclaw for more information at 207.449.3824 x 214 or UsherGreeter.Ministry@clifechurch.com.

Current Serving Opportunities: There are many opportunities for those who desire to serve as an usher or a greeter one service a month in either the first or second service.

Welcome Ministry

Jesus called us to be disciples and to love our neighbors as ourselves. With this as our Christian call, the Welcome Ministry is essential to accomplishing what God has called us to do.

Do you remember the first time you came to Christian Life Church? Many say that they are warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. It is our desire that CLC is a place where one can experience the love, acceptance, genuine caring and hospitality that will help them feel safe and welcomed. This powerful impression leaves one with a desire to experience that over again. Extending these feelings with a card and or words of encouragement is the first step in growing the Body of Christ.

If you would like to be a part of a team who helps to create a warm welcoming experience for our guests and also have the opportunity to make some new friends along the way, then we would love you to become a part of the Welcome Ministry team. For more information, contact Pat Hodgkin at 207.449.3824 x 204.


Media Ministry

‘The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63

Our Senior Pastors and Guest Speakers are known throughout the world for their teaching, evangelism and discipleship as they minister in our Sunday services, special events and conferences. These persons bring a richness and depth to Christian Life Church, and we as a media team are a part of sharing and extending their reach locally, regionally and all over the world through available technologies.

Current Opportunities are available to serve once a month at either the first or second service or during the week assisting us with our MP3/Podcast. There are also opportunities to assist with our retail sales for Guest Speakers, Conferences and Special Events. For more information please contact Pastor Ron Satrape at 207.449.3824 x 110 or Ron.Satrape@clifechurch.com.

Facilities Decorating Team

Do you enjoy decorating, sprucing things up, and creating a warm welcoming atmosphere for our members who call this place their home and for new guests to feel welcomed? If you do, CLC has several decorators dream opportunities available. They include yearly or seasonal opportunities. For more information please contact Pastor Denise Satrape at 207.449.3824 x 211 or Denise.Satrape@clifechurch.com.

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