Seek God For The City – Day 25

March 9, 2013

About noon the next day as they came near Joppa, Peter was going up to the roof to pray.

Acts 10:9

Peter went to the roof top to pray. It was a place of solitude, where he could escape the busyness of the day; a place where he could commune with God.  It was there the Lord could speak to Peter and reveal His will for that hour.

If we are to reach our cities for God, we will need to understand that it will take more than our busy man-made attempts.  It will take revelation knowledge to be at the right place at the right time, saying the right things that will bring forth the plans and purposes of God.

In this season, step away from the activities that can so easily swallow you up, and go to a higher place in your communion with God.  But in this place, don’t just talk to Him, sit and listen.  You will be surprised to hear He has a plan and it’s a better plan than you can do on your own.  It will be a plan that will bear much fruit and add great strength to your life.

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