Seek God For The City – Day 24

March 8, 2013

Even though Daniel knew that the new law had been written, he went to pray in an upstairs room in his house, which had windows that opened toward Jerusalem. Three times each day Daniel would kneel down to pray and thank God, just as he always had done.

Daniel 6:10

Daniel did not back off or go undercover in his relationship with God even when men made laws to legislate their worship.  Daniel continued to pursue (in a respectful manner) an open relationship with God.  Daniel was aware that there might be natural consequences for standing firm, but, he also understood that prayer is the key to true victory. Daniel continued to pray consistently in challenging times.

What do you do when the going gets tough?  Do you press in and persist? God is looking for people with the heart of Daniel in this hour; a people who will stand firm in their relationship with God, while serving in governmental or influential places.  God is looking for a people with whom He can demonstrate His power and might and strength on the earth.  Will you arise and be a Daniel that seeks God for his city?

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