Seek God For The City – Day 23

March 7, 2013

 So King Ahab went to eat and drink. At the same time Elijah climbed to the top of Mount Carmel, where he bent down to the ground with his head between his knees.  Then Elijah said to his servant, “Go and look toward the sea.“ The servant went and looked. “I see nothing,“ he said. Elijah told him to go and look again. This happened seven times.  The seventh time, the servant said, “I see a small cloud, the size of a human fist, coming from the sea.“ Elijah told the servant, “Go to Ahab and tell him to get his chariot ready and go home now. Otherwise, the rain will stop him.”

1 Kings 18:42-44

In this passage, Israel had been in a long season of drought, but the prophet heard from God that this is the season for rain.  The prophet’s response after hearing from God was to prevail in prayer to release the rain.  Elijah persisted in prayer, even when it seemed there was no evidence of rain, he continued until the Word of the Lord came to pass.

Will you persist in this season of drought that the rains will come and quench our land?  If you persist, you will not be disappointed!  God is looking for a people in this hour who will hear His Word and respond with prayers that prevail.  Are you available to release the rain?

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