Day 8 – Oneness

February 7, 2011

Dear Devoted Child of God;
Today is Day 8 and our theme for the day is the letter “O” in devoted. It represents, “oneness” or unity.  The scripture gives us insight to the power of unity-

6 “Look!” he said. “The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they 
set out to do will be impossible for them!

Genesis 11:6 (NLT)

To have unity one must be single in one’s vision, focus and pursuit.  Isn’t it any wonder why the enemy comes to bring division – (another vision)? Division is a vision that distracts you from your focus and pursuit. In the book of James it says, a double minded man is unstable in all their ways.

The goal of the enemy is to cause you to have another vision so that you have double vision and become unstable.  A vision, with an aim to distract you and misalign from the destiny of God for your life, so you will be unstable and therefore unable to accomplish what is before you.

There is such power in unity.  When you and I are unified, we are a force that can accomplish much. When you and I are united in God, for God, we are unstoppable.

  • What distraction is causing your focus to be divided?
  • What other vision is keeping you from telling the vision of what God has in store?
  • Unity is a powerful force. It can work for God or against God.
  • Who have you aligned yourself with in this hour?
  • Is that creating a force that is working with God or against God?
  • We can know this by assessing what has captured your vision.
  • Do you have a vision for the things of God?
  • Are the eyes of your heart united with truth of God’s Word or with the facts of your life?
  • Are the eyes of your heart fixed on the lies of the enemy or truth of His love?

What you unite with in mind, will and emotions is what you will empower in your life.
In this season of praying and fasting, let us take an honest look at what we have united our hearts, our minds, and our wills with and assess if we are working with God or against God. If you find yourself divided, then make a purposeful decision to repent and refocus and become a person of singular vision within, and unite with truth and watch will begin to take place in your life.

Dear Father, we humbly come and ask that you would open the eyes of our heart, for we want to know you. Lord, allow the light of truth to penetrate the truth of what lies within us. God, reveal to us what has stolen our focus.  Help us to see where we have truly unified our heart, mind and will; for we desire to be a people who have one focus, one aim and one desire. Forgive us when we have been unstable. One moment we are united with you and the next with another vision of our own flesh or of the enemy’s demise for us. Forgive us, when we are so easily distracted, when we have double vision and at times division; when we are chasing after things that are contrary to your will and purpose for our life.

Father forgives us when we have been ignorant to the power of unity, and therefore have given the enemy greater power as we have unified our lives with his vision instead of yours. Restore to us visual clarity, so that we are united with Your heart, Your plans, Your purposes for our life individually and corporately. Help us become an unstoppable force for your glory.  In Jesus Name; Amen

Uniting with you as we unite with Him in this hour!

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