Tools to Equip

Ron Satrape author of “Retooling the Church” has been helping Pastors and churches to develop leaders and teams that maximize their growth and fulfill their potential.  Ron has a passion to help Pastors to discover and develop their gifts and talents, or to develop a healthy and productive staff team. He has with worked with churches large and small to identify and develop their own unique vision, and DNA (qualities, characteristics and values), and culture. Here are some of the areas of ministry he can help you or your church with.

People Development: 

  • Senior/Lead Pastor Coaching and Evaluation Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry Development
  • Marriage Crisis Intervention
  • Staff Conflicts Personal Growth Strategies

Team development and deployment:

  • Team Model
  • Team Multiplication
  • Overcoming Team Dysfunction
  • Team Inter-dependency not Co-dependency
  • Mastering Team Conflict and Confrontation
  • Team and Team Member Evaluations

Strategic Team Planning:

  • Developing Your Own (corporate) “Vision of the house”
  • Integrating the Vision in Every Ministry
  • Developing an Action Plan to Carry out the Vision
  • Recognizing the House DNA and Culture
  • Changing an Unhealthy Culture
  • People Development Process, From Start to Finish
  • Discipleship Evaluation

Action plan & Implementation:

  • Developing an Action Plan (12-18 mos.) to carry out the Vision and imprint the DNA and culture

Marketing & Communication:

  • Social Media, Advertising, Direct Mail, email, etc

Monitoring progress:

  • Developing Dashboards to Monitor Ministry health and Progress
  • Worship Service Evaluations
  • Facilities Evaluation

Clarifying functions and operation of ministries:

Operations manuals for team training and accountability-

  • Music Ministry
  • Ushers & Greeters & Alter Ministry
  • Guest Services Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Marketing
  • Tech Arts Ministry: multimedia, Lighting, Audio/Video Small Groups Ministry Pastoral Care Social Media, E-mail Protocols, More



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