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…you may work your team…but how well does your team work?

  • Do chronic leadership failures plague your ministry?
  • Does the senior pastor bear an unfair burden of the correction of leaders?
  • Do leaders come and go too often?
  • Do leadership conflicts undermine the trust you need from others?
  • Are your leaders falling short from fully “buying-in”?
  • Are you the only one who really cares about results?
  • How high is the trust level among core leadership?
  • Are directives and priorities clear?
  • Are your top level leadership meetings boring?
  • Do you see hesitation and distancing from top level leaders who aren’t full on board?
  • Are your leaders accountable to you and to each other?
  • Is peer pressure working for you or against you?
  • Are your leaders subjugating your goals and interests with theirs?

The average church starts out with an entrepreneurial model of leadership. One man leadership works well at the entry level, but as churches grow, they need to be transformed into a leadership team model.

In The Lead Ministries teaches you how to build a team that works as one with a consistent leadership team model from the top down.  Leaders develop a team that “buys-in” and contributes to the team leader’s values. Those values become team values.  Models of team leadership that can be reproduced enable ministries to grow and multiply.

Your team leaders lead the ministries under them with the same team model with which you lead them.  The size of your ministry is determined by your ability to lead.  We will help you to lead and manage ministries on a local level and churches on an apostolic level.

Ron Satrape is the founder of In The Lead Ministries, which empowers ministry teams for a greater harvest.  Pastor Ron has been involved in pastoral care ministry for over thirty-five years. During that time he has founded six churches in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Ron specializes in the area of leadership development for pastors, staff and CORE leaders.  He has a passion for prayer and discipleship.  Ron has been effective in developing small group ministries as a foundation for leadership growth and development.  As an apostolic leader, Ron likes to see leaders raised up within the local church and released into full-time ministry.  Ron’s motivational and dynamic style of communication ignites people to rise to new levels, while his down to earth sense of humor refreshes all who hear him.

  • Cultivating & implementing vision
  • Equipping senior pastors
  • Providing pastoral staff evaluation
  • Organizing ministries into teams
  • Creating healthy leadership
  • Planning events to further your purpose
  • Providing retreats & training seminars

Pastor Ron has been married for over 43 years to his wife Denise who currently pastors alongside him at Christian Life Church in Eliot, Maine.  They have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren.

“Empowering Your Team For A Greater Harvest”

In The Lead Ministries

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