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What is a Get Connected Group?
A Get Connected Group is a place where you can experience the loving fellowship that is present in our church family. It is also a place where you can grow in your walk with the Lord, while establishing relationships with people who have common interests and goals. It’s a gathering of people who are on a journey to make a connection with God and His people. Get Connected Groups are a great place to experience the love of God and the marvelous ways He is working at CLC.

Why be part of a Get Connected Group?
A Get Connected Group is a safe place to find out about Jesus Christ, to discern the personal relationship He wants to have with you and experience the exciting life that He has planned for you! If you already have that special relationship with Him, it is a way for you to grow as His disciple. Being part of a Get Connected Group helps you discover God’s plan for your life, identify your gifts and talents, and teach you to minister out of God’s rich grace. It is also a place to receive personal weekly support and encouragement.

What Get Connected Groups are right for me?
As you look over this directory, you will find a variety of groups that are centered on hobbies, developing talents, marriage and family improvement, studying the Bible, prayer and personal development. There are also groups that involve serving others and community outreach groups for men, women, children and teenagers. New groups are being added every semester. There is truly something for everyone and every group gives you the opportunity to belong. Feel free to contact the Get Connected Group Leaders listed in the directory. They would love to answer your questions.

Can I lead a Get Connected Group?
Yes! As a member of CLC, we believe that each person has a God given destiny to fulfill. Start by attending a Get Connected Group! You can be mentored to become an assistant of that same small group topic or introduce a new idea and start a group of your own as a leader. There are training sessions for leaders at the beginning of every semester to help you develop and grow as a leader. Talk with us about your ideas or questions you might have.

It’s Never Too Late to Launch a Get Connected Group!
Here at CLC we know that Getting Connected is vital to living a healthy, and prosperous life. Surveys have indicated that people who relationally connected added years to their life! Even more years than those who eat healthy but are relationally alone.

As believers we are called not just to consider our lives, but the lives of others. When you make a decision to sow into others by leading a small group, you will add years to your life and the lives of others! Sowing seeds of friendship in others often helps others make a friendship with God. Making a decision to use your gifts by leading a group will help others get on the “SHIP” that will lead them to a more fulfilling life!

Did you know that people get “on board” in different ways? Some groups focus on fellowSHIP, some on relationSHIP, while others are discipleSHIP or leaderSHIP focused. The important thing is to use your gifts and talents to help others get on board.

Did you know that God gifted you uniquely to touch the lives of others? Why not consider asking the Lord how you can help people live longer and happier lives by opening your heart and sowing the gift of time by starting a group? You can even launch a group after the semester has started!

If you would like to receive a directory in the mail or if you have any questions regarding our Get Connected ministry, please feel free to contact our Get Connected Administrator Pastor Denise Satrape at Denise.Satrape@clifechurch.com or (207) 449-3824 x 201.

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