June 22, 2011

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1       

How can you explain the presence of God?  Does He come in a form? – No not generally.  God is like thought.  You can’t see them, but they are tangible.   If you do not have any thoughts, then God has no channel through which to speak to you.  You can’t touch God with your hands, although I have felt his presence through them.  You can’t breathe God as if breathing air into your lungs; although when His presence comes there are times we feel it, in the air.  For God does not belong to the sense world. 

We meet God through the area of our thinking life.  It’s no wonder some Christians don’t have much fellowship with God.  His thoughts come through His Word or the Holy Spirit.  His thoughts touch our thoughts and it is there that we meet God.  So if you don’t renew your thinking life God cannot manifest himself to you.

Here is great illustration on how our thoughts and God’s become one:

A fourth grade son came to his father and his father could tell he wanted to ask him something, so he said son, is there anything you want to say? 

The son said “Yes, Dad, I do, but, I am afraid, if I ask you my question you might get mad. 

The Dad reassured the son he could ask him a question and he wouldn’t respond in anger. 

So the son asked.  He said Dad, “Are you permitted to tell a lie to your congregation?”  

The Father said, “No son, God doesn’t permit me to lie, why would you ask that?

The son replied, because, I heard you tell a lie again and again.  You told your congregation that you heard from the Lord.”  But “I watched every Saturday as you prepared your sermons to see if you really met God in your study.”  And I never saw God come meet with you.  “Yet on Sunday you came and boldly said, you met God in your study, and that’s a lie isn’t it?  Don’t be afraid of telling the truth, I am your son and I won’t tell anyone!”

The pastor prayed, “Lord give me wisdom”.   He said, “Son, have you ever seen thoughts?”  The son replied “NO.”  The father then replied to the son, “Then do you have an empty head?”  He said son, you have thoughts and because of them you can talk.  That proves you have thoughts, but, I haven’t seen your thoughts.  How can you see my thoughts in my brain?

“I met God, even though you cannot see Him with your eyes.  God is like your thoughts – The Bible says that God is the word.   

The Word is thoughts clothed with vocabulary.  If God is thought clothed in Chinese, the Chinese people understand God’s thoughts.  When God’s thoughts are clothed with English, American people understand.

He said son, I meet God by reading the scripture; the Word of God, and God’s thoughts touch my thoughts in an unseen realm and I have conversation with the heavenly Father through the Word of God.  God is like thought.

As you forge ahead today, remember growing great faith comes by fellowshipping with a great God.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  

Romans 10:17 


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