Full Assurance In The Heart – Day 45

June 5, 2011


And looking upon them Jesus said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

I will never forget the time when the Lord revealed the hidden truth of this scripture to my heart. I had been going through a dry season in my walk with the Lord. I did not stop living as a believer, but the joy of my walk diminished. I had not stopped my work for the Lord, but it felt more like work instead of the joyful expression of life flowing from my efforts.  

It was in that season, that I cried out to the Lord and said, “What has happened Lord? Why am I experiencing this sense of lack and loss as I am trying to live for you?” He said, ‘Denise, there is a thief that came in the night season and it has deceitfully replaced the things you use to do “with me” with the things you now do “for me!”’ 

Then He brought me to His word where I discovered that “with God” all things are possible. As I pondered that thought, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, there is no place in my word that reveals that the things you do “for God” will be possible.” It was in that moment, I began to understand that growing great faith has more to do with me growing in my relationship “with God,” than in empowering me to do something “for God.”

As you forge ahead today, take the time to assess your life. Do not allow the things you are doing “for God” to rob you any longer of the blessing and victory that comes from doing your work “with God.” Surrender the things you are doing “for Him” today and watch your joy and strength return as you see the impossible being made possible for you!

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