Forsaking All I Trust Him – Day 18

July 27, 2011

But make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed.  

Romans 13:11-12

One of the greatest things we need to forsake as believers, are the things that lull us to sleep.  Our busy schedules, our endless “to do” lists and the many good things that become the thief the best things.

We must awaken each day with a conscious awareness that “today” is a gift that God gives.  We need to spend our minutes wisely.  Yes, in this life we do have legitimate day to day responsibilities. But when we do them in automatic pilot and not purposefully bring God into our day, it is amazing how the day leads us instead of the Holy Spirit leading us.

As you forge ahead today with a sincere heart for God, remember that sincerity must be backed by purpose.  Forsake those things that can cause you to live your life in auto pilot and awaken to your purpose.  Forsake the driveness of life and choose to be led. Allow the Holy Spirit to awaken you to the opportunities around you, seizing the moments at hand. You will be amazed that the day to day things get done, while the kingdoms purposes are also accomplished.

So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others. Let’s keep our eyes open and be smart.

1 Thessalonians 5:6




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