Forging Ahead In Trustful Hope – Day 4

March 12, 2011

I believe that in 2011, the people of God will arise in a new strength and authorityBecause they will be a people who will take a hold of the truth of God’s Word and walk out their destiny in a brand new way.  They will be a people of FAITH. Because they will arise; “Forging Ahead In Trustful Hope.

The word ‘forging” means: to press hard and move forward in a sudden increase of speed and power; and at other times it takes on the meaning: to move slowly and steadily.

I believe in this hour the saints of God will arise suddenly in a new strength and power and become a force in the heavenlies moving forward steadily and consistently fulfilling their God-given purpose!  

For this to take place, some of us will need to arise and press hard against the mindsets that have caused us to live passive lives.  While others will have to press hard against the opposition that fears bring.  And then for some, we will have to press hard against the status quo and the competing voice of the world and its demands that keep us so self focused.  But the Apostle Paul encourages us by his example how to be a people forging toward the goal of our high calling.

12 Yet, my brothers, I do not consider myself to have “arrived”, spiritually, nor do I consider myself already perfect. But I keep going on, grasping ever more firmly that purpose for which Christ grasped me. My brothers, I do not consider myself to have fully grasped it even now. But I do concentrate on this: I leave the past behind and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead I go straight for the goal – my reward the honour of being called by God in Christ.

Philippians 3:12  

The word forge is the root word also for the word forged.  This means to make or shape by heating with fire or furnace; hammering it to create something strong and enduring. The challenges we all face in this life were meant to forge something in us to make us strong and enduring people.  Are we allowing life’s opportunity to bend us, or are we allowing God to shape us into vessels for His glory?

10 Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tried and chosen you in the furnace of affliction.

Isaiah 48:10 (AMP)

Let us become a people who arise suddenly in this hour, Forging Ahead In Trustful Hope, making an impact in the world around us.

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