E100 Devotions – Day 7

May 12, 2012

E100 Reading: Genesis 15:1-21

“And after these things the word of the Lord came to Abram…”

Sometimes we have to go through some things before the Word of the Lord comes to us. The Word of the Lord came to Abraham after he had rescued his nephew Lot and overcame the enemy who had captured Lot and his family. The Word of the Lord came to Abraham after he gave tithes of all the spoil. The Word of the Lord came to Abraham after the blessing was proclaimed over him by Melchizedek the kingly Priest of the Most high God. The Word of the Lord came after Abraham gave tithes of all the spoil he had recovered from his conquest.

The Word of the Lord comes only after we have been obedient to the Word we’ve already heard! But notice this word comes in a visual. Obedience to God’s Word opens up other avenues to us to receive the Word.

Abraham is invited to enter into a blood covenant with God. God promises to give him an heir but not the legal only heir. If there was not a blood relative then the first born in Abrahams house would inherit all that he had. So God tells Abraham his heir of the blood covenant will come from his blood line, and he would have a son.

God gives Abraham another visual and tells him to “speak to the stars”. The word stars is the same word used in Judges Chapter 5.

They fought from the heavens; The stars from their courses fought against Sisera.
Judges 5:20

Every night Abraham made prophetic declaration about his seed and all that God had spoken to Abraham concerning his heirs and the nation that would come from him. Now because of faithful Abraham, all who believe are the seed of His faith. As he spoke the Word of God, so must we.

Call those things that be not as though they were today! Find the promises of God and proclaim them; visualize their fulfillment and watch what God will do for you.

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