E100 Devotion – Day 31

June 5, 2012

Reading: I Samuel 1:1- 3:21

Samuel Listens to God

Samuel’s name means; “asked of God”, and “lent to God.” His mother Hannah whose name means “favored, gracious one” and “one who stoops in kindness to an inferior, to pray and make supplication”, was barren. Samuel’s father Elkanah whose name means “God possesses”: had two wives but favored Hannah.  Hannah shows her fine character qualities in how she responds to adversity.  She prays and doesn’t get bitter even when taunted and accused by the other wife of being judged by God for her barrenness.

Hannah chose not to get bitter but get better, while living in a house divided. Even though Hannah is misunderstood and quickly misjudged by Eli (the High Priest). She doesn’t take offense for being accused of being drunk in God’s house. Instead she clarifies her actions as being one distraught while in prayer over her barrenness.

Eli has compassion on this humble and devout woman and tells her God will grant her request to open her womb. In response she vows to give her first born to God to serve Him for life.

Hannah keeps the vow and brings him to God’s house after weaning him and preparing him to serve the Lord. After giving birth to Samuel, Hannah has five more children, ending the strife in her own house. Now Samuel as a vessel unto the Lord is used to bring an end to strife and sin at God’s house caused by Eli’s adult children.

Samuel’s ministry began with his learning to hear the “Word of the Lord” and not compromise in its delivery prophetically.  Although, he grew up among religious corruption, he didn’t become critical or judgmental, while at the same time he spoke the uncompromised Word of the Lord to those whom God had pronounced judgment upon.

God revealed Himself to Samuel by the “Word of the Lord”. Samuel is a great example of what can be born out of devotion, even when we may have our own issues of barrenness and persecution at home. What God did at home with Samuel, Samuel did at God’s house, becoming the link between the time of Judges and Kings.

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