E100 Devotional – Day 41

June 15, 2012

Reading: Psalm 23:1-6

Psalms are a collection of sacred songs composed mostly by King David. They serve the church as models of acceptable devotions. Many off the Psalms are prophetic, containing predictions of the life, character and sufferings of our Savior.

In this Psalm, King David speaks prophetically of the Shepherd King characteristics of Christ and the characteristics of His sheep. In our spiritual journey we must recognize what is God’s part and what is our part.

He (the Word) feeds me. He is my feeder, He is my leader, restorer, comforter, corrector, director, protector who prepares the way ahead of me. He doesn’t eliminate my enemies; He intimidates them by inviting me to His table of provision. His presence dispels my fear off people and problems. His anointing refreshes my head or thinking.

It’s my responsibility to follow Him, by walking through the dark valleys on our journey, choosing to follow Him instead of being redirected by fear. He leads and feeds but I must follow and eat instead of straying and disobeying.

My cup runs over when I will be still while He fills it to overflowing. Others are blessed around me in the overflowing of my cup. To follow the shepherd the sheep must choose to trust. Trust is a choice I make on the journey I take with Him. The still waters are the quiet times in His Word; I must choose to be quiet and still in order to follow His leading.

Sheep are not like cattle that are driven. They are led which requires their willing participation. Though we may try, we cannot shepherd ourselves, neither can the Great Shepherd lead us without our choosing to follow.

We cannot find the path of righteousness; the only way we can walk on it is to follow the One who made it. He now leads us to follow Him down that path. Only by following Him can we walk righteously. As we do, goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives.

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