E100 Devotion – Day 65

July 9, 2012

Reading: John 11:1-57

It’s so easy to see our problems and crisis’ as standalone events that await God’s intervention. Like Mary and Martha, we know God loves us and has been faithful to be there, especially when we need Him the most. Our whole focus shifts to prayer and preparation for divine intervention during these critical and desperate times. We recruit our friends and family to pray that God will stop our impending crisis.

Little did Mary and Martha know that their crisis was connected to a much bigger purpose. They had no idea that Jesus wouldn’t do for their brother what they had so many times done for others, and come and heal their brother.

Jesus didn’t answer their request to come and heal their brother; instead He fulfilled God’s purpose for letting Lazarus die so he could be raised from the dead! Sometimes we have a mindset for a particular outcome. They wanted Lazarus to live and not die – God wanted him to die and live again.

Are there some things that you’re trying to keep alive, like they were? God wants them to die so something better to come out of it! Jesus wept for their loss, knowing that their loss would be short lived when the better came out of the worst.

The resurrection of Lazarus set the stage for the Pharisees to plot his murder not knowing that a better thing would come out of a bad thing. A healing wouldn’t have made Jesus such a threat; raising the dead was just too much of a threat to them and they fell right into God’s hands.

While Mary and Martha both felt forsaken and abandoned when Lazarus died, it all changed when Jesus raised him from the dead. Perhaps that’s why they were the ones who showed up at the grave after His resurrection. They had already learned to trust God for the outcome and not be too set on their determined outcome. God brings life out of death! Let go and let God.

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