E100 Devotion – Day 90

August 3, 2012

Reading: 1Thessalonians 4:13 – 5:11

We are not ignorant of the second coming of Christ.  If we are ignorant then we will be hopeless and overwhelmed when our Christian friends and family members go home to be with the Lord. It’s only natural to grieve the passing of those we know and love, but it’s not God’s will for us to grieve the way the hopeless and lost do about death.

Instead, at the passing of every Christian we should be reminded that Jesus Christ is coming back and those who have passed away before His coming will be coming with Him to meet us for a great family reunion in the sky! And we will forever be together with the Lord. Jesus said to comfort one another with these words.

We don’t know the time and season because He will come like a thief in the night to those who live in darkness, but not to those who are in the light. We are instructed to be watching and living soberly in a state of spiritual readiness, keeping our armor and helmet on, having hope in our salvation.

Are you watching yourself and living in a state of spiritual readiness? Are your loved ones ready? Have you warned those who aren’t ready that He is coming? It’s not a coincidence that the second coming of the Lord is spoken in context to Christians who’ve died. Death is the best time to question whether we’re right and ready to meet our maker. Just as sudden as death can come, the Lord will come.

A funeral for a Christian is a homecoming celebration, and an opportunity for those who’ve suffered their loss to examine themselves and either repent and follow Christ. It’s also a time to comfort those who have suffered the loss of a dear loved one. One must have eternal life before they die, or before the Lord returns with a shout, otherwise it will be too late. We preach must preach the good news, with a warning!

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