E100 Devotion – Day 82

July 26, 2012

Reading: Galatians 5:16-6:10

How do we know if we’re being directed or led by the flesh or by the Spirit? The apostle Paul spells it out so we won’t be deceived when we are being directed by our flesh but think that we’re being led by the Spirit.

The flesh and the Spirit are contrary to each other and desire completely different things. The fleshly nature is selfish and wants to remain first. Adam represents the flesh nature, while Jesus Christ represents the second or new spiritual nature. We see first and second nature in conflict throughout the Bible.

Whether it’s Cain and Able, Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob and or King Saul and King David, they all illustrate the elder (born first) or flesh nature in conflict against the younger (born after) spiritual nature. The first Adam will be in conflict with the second Adam, Jesus Christ. One’s driven and the other is led.

The enemy will try to abort your spiritual destiny by attacking you through the avenue of the flesh. When we walk in the Spirit we’re Christ-like and completely protected. Jesus Christ chose not only to not live under the dominance of the flesh but to live completely led by the Spirit.

Jesus brought sin back through the same door that it originally came through – the doorway of the flesh. Jesus took sin captive in His sinless flesh and carried it to the grave, breaking its power over all who believe in Him.

How do we know if we’re following Him? We die by faith to sin, and are raised up by the Holy Spirit, and led like Jesus was. We must choose daily to be led by the Spirit knowing that the flesh produces works, and the Spirit produces fruit.

The flesh conflicts against the Spirit, to keep us from sowing and reaping from the spiritual seed we’ve sown. The harvest of our life reveals the seed of its origin. Keep sowing to the Spirit and don’t faint – your harvest must come.

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