E100 Devotion – Day 81

July 25, 2012

Reading: Romans 8

It’s amazing how much condemnation we can accumulate! God convicts and the devil condemns believers. Some folks just don’t think they’ve been to Church unless they’ve had a good dose of guilt, shame, condemnation and blame.

If you’re a Christian, walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh, you can’t be experiencing condemnation. In other words, when you’re living right you’re not being influenced by condemnation! Living right can only happen by walking in the Spirit.

The condemned will condemn. The convicted will convict. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin so we can repent, be forgiven and set free. Condemnation is the belief that you are over, a failure, beyond help, being punished and rejected by God.

Jesus was condemned so we wouldn’t have to be, if we will look to Him to pay for our sins and look to Him to give us resurrection power to rise from the death of sin to life. So if you’re in or under condemnation, you’re in the flesh because there isn’t any condemnation when you’re walking in the Spirit.

Jesus died to condemn sin in His flesh and then rose from the dead leaving sin in the grave! We’re His body now and by faith we die to sin with Him and rise from the dead leaving sin behind in a watery grave along with all the guilt, shame, condemnation and blame! Thank You Jesus!

That means we must make a major mind shift. What we’re mindful of, our life becomes full of. So we have to shift from fleshly thinking to Spiritual thinking, from dark thinking to light thinking. When bad things happen, we must begin to think that good can come from it; that “all things work together for good for those who love God, who are the called, according to His purpose.”

Paul only made that statement right after talking about praying in the Spirit. God will help turn bad things into good when we’ll pray in the Spirit and start and continue thinking right.

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