E100 Devotion – Day 80

July 24, 2012

Reading: Acts 25-29

In the Jewish opposition leader’s efforts to silence Paul, they came up with false charges which ultimately brought him up before the highest courts. It’s amazing to see how the prophesy given to Paul, audibly by Jesus Christ played out.

The opposition unknowingly participated in the fulfillment of that prophesy. Paul is brought to the highest levels of influence in Jerusalem before King Agrippa who finds no fault with Paul. King Agrippa almost believes and becomes a Christian. He finds no fault with Paul and would have released him but Paul had appealed to even higher Roman Courts.

Paul understood that God often lets the winds of adversity and opposition blow our ship or ministry where He directs it. Staying on the offensive is like the rudder of our ship which only directs us deeper into our destiny. The more the winds of adversity blew the more God directed through revelation of the coming storm and wisdom for making it through it. While others watch it play out, they become believers.

The storms of life, as with Paul, might cause a shipwreck, but the wind of God gave wisdom and revelation followed by healing, signs and wonders leading to the salvation of many. The whole crew was saved; the natives were saved when they saw the poisonous snake bite Paul to no effect.

Word got out and Paul and those with him were invited to be housed and entertained by the upper crust folks of the Island. The father of the host fell ill and Paul laid hands on him and healed him which caused an Island-wide healing revival. Paul is honored and sent off to sail to Rome with plenty of provisions!

Paul finally gets to Rome where he’s acquitted and released to continue ministry in Rome. Adversity is the breakfast of Champions, when you know that God uses the storms of your life to blow you right into your destiny.

Ask God to blow you into something better if the winds have started picking up lately!

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