E100 Devotion – Day 77

July 21, 2012

Reading: Acts 13:1-14:28

The first missionary journey was launched through corporate prayer and fasting of the leadership. As they were ministering unto the Lord the Holy Spirit said. When we minister to the Lord He speaks and lets us know how to fulfill His desire to reach the lost. God’s heart desire is to send out missionaries.

Through the laying on of hands the corporate anointing was imparted upon them as they departed and the rest is history. It’s important that missionaries are sent as representatives of corporate leadership and that they continue to function under corporate authority and with corporate prayer cover. Every believer is either a sender or sent one.

Paul takes an offensive approach with Elymas the sorcerer and identifies him as the son of the devil and as an enemy to righteousness and commands blindness upon him for a time. As Elymas searches for someone to lead him by the hand, the Pro-counsel believes and is astonished at the teaching of the Lord. Paul preaches the Word and the Jews believe.

When the Gentiles hear the good news was preached and invited Paul to preach to them, almost the entire city showed up. The Jews became envious and began to refute, denounce and blaspheme the Gospel. Those opposing became defensive, while the Word spread throughout the city!

As Paul and Barnabas continue to advance the Gospel taking an offensive approach, defensive opposition began to grow which brought the weapons of heaven to bear, healing signs and wonders. The intellectual pride of those in opposition was no match for the supernatural arena.

Signs and wonders require the right platform off aggressive, offensive positioning of the Church. Passivity and defensive actions of the church render it ineffective. Though stoned and left for dead Paul rose again to continue his mission to raise up elders and leaders and strengthen the churches that were newly started.

Continued community and missionary outreach keeps the church and believers in the oppositional mode, and guarantees opposition from within and out.

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