E100 Devotion – Day 76

July 20, 2012

Reading: Acts 9:1-31

Do you know who makes the best reformers? Often, it’s the reformed. Saul was doing “God’s work” – arresting, torturing and murdering Christians. Wasn’t he in for a surprise when the light shone brighter than the afternoon sun upon him and the presence of God knocked him to the ground? Then to hear an audible voice calling him by name asking why he persecuted the Lord!

You really have to know how surprised Saul must have been. Here is a man highly trained and educated in Judaism who was supposed to know God, asking who it was that was speaking to him.

And he said, “Who are You, Lord? ….And what do you want me to do?” Acts 9:5-6

Saul got up trembling and completely blind, and had to be led by hand by the men that were with him who were also dumbfounded. He had to be blinded so he could see the truth. For three days he remained blind and didn’t eat or drink.

Our mind and flesh have a lot more control over us than we think. Saul was ready to see what he obviously hadn’t been able to up to then. Sometimes God allows things to blindside us and break our confidence in something that’s flat out wrong.

Meanwhile God appeared in a vision to a man named Ananias who had a completely different vision and mindset than Saul, and asked him to go to Saul who was on the street called Straight, praying to see things right. Saul was praying to see things straight!

Ananias obeys God even though his mind tells him otherwise. Saul has a lot to learn from this man. He lays hands on Saul and restores his sight, baptizes Saul, and tells him why God sent him and what God would do through Saul.

Saul answers God’s call and now the devil’s best disciple becomes his worst enemy! It’s a good thing Stephen prayed for his enemy instead of getting offended. The worst offenders can become the best contenders.

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