E100 Devotion – Day 75

July 19, 2012

Reading: Acts 10:1- 11:18

What was it that made Cornelius attractive to God? He was devout, feared God with his whole house, was generous, helped the poor and was a man of prayer. However, the Angel that appeared to him specifically mentioned his giving and prayer. Generosity and devotion make us attractive spiritually to the supernatural.

It’s amazing how God can be working in different people at the same time and then bring them together for a divine appointment. Peter had to be prepared for this encounter because it didn’t fit his doctrine or paradigm.

Why did Peter have the same vision three times? In the mouth of two or three witnesses things were established legally in Scripture and a new theology was being developed in Peter’s thinking that was necessary for him to reach the gentiles. Are there mindsets that can keep us from reaching people that God wants us to reach? Thank God Peter took time to be open to God and whatever He might want to change in his thinking.

Even then Peter wondered what these things meant until the men knocked on the door looking for him. What did Peter and Cornelius have in common? They were both in prayer when God communicated with them, and they both obeyed God’s directives.

Cornelius had a crowd at his house and the Holy Spirit fell upon those who heard the Word. The same experience as Pentecost was now happening with the Gentiles too; the Jews were astonished as they heard them speaking in tongues and magnifying God.

Peter led them to all get water baptized and stayed with them a few days. It doesn’t take long for the word to spread and now Peter must defend what had just happened by the grace of God.

There will forever be a challenge for the Church to not let tradition or culture make the Gospel exclusive. There seems to be a natural resistance to people who aren’t like us. Is there anything holding you back from reaching people who are different?

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