E100 Devotion – Day 74

July 18, 2012

Reading: Acts 8:26-40

Both Stephen and Philip were deacons who were propelled into ministry through the avenue of service. Their service to the ministry formerly done by the apostles not only released the apostles to focus more on making disciples, but it also released the apostolic anointing in both of their ministries!

An angel spoke to Philip, telling him to go to an Ethiopian man of high rank to preach the Gospel. The man had come to worship in Jerusalem and was returning to Ethiopia. He was searching for the truth and God sent Philip via an angel of the Lord!

What do the accounts of Stephen and Philip have in common? They shared the Word and it created an experience – they didn’t just offer an experience, without the Word.

Do we focus too much on having an experience and not enough on the Word which creates experiences? These servants of God knew the Word. so God used them and move them into the supernatural realm. Signs and wonders follow the Word!

And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs, Amen.
Mark 16:20

We need preachers and sharers of the Word that will attract signs and wonders as heavenly encores! After explaining the scriptures, the Ethiopian requests to be water baptized, which Philip gladly does. They just happened to come upon water (in the desert) right at that time? When we’re led by the Spirit, we’re always on time!

What does Philip do after being translated over 50 miles? He continues to preach in all the cities between Azotus to Caesarea! Signs and wonders follow the Word. Is there enough Word in your life for signs and wonders to follow?

Philip and Stephen had three things in common – they were both deacons or servants, and they were both lovers of the Word of God. They knew how to make the Gospel relevant to their audience whether it was one or many. They were also always on the offensive not the defensive.

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