E100 Devotion – Day 70

July 14, 2012

Reading: Acts 1:1-11

The resurrection of Jesus Christ wasn’t some brief obscure passing event. He remained there for forty days after He resurrected, giving commandments and instructions to His leaders as well as evidence of his resurrection. It’s been estimated that as many as 500 people saw Jesus after He resurrected!

Jesus spoke His final words to His men before ascending to heaven. A big change was taking place because they would no longer just followers, but leaders. They asked when the kingdom of Israel will come and Jesus doesn’t tell them, but instead communicates a vision about reaching the world, not just Israel. His men thought defense; Jesus wanted them to think offense.

Jesus instructs them to stay in Jerusalem until they received power, then start being witnesses in Jerusalem (where they are), Judea (next door), Samaria (the outskirts), and the rest of the world. God always wants us to start where we are. Have you started where you are yet? Have you received power yet?

They were to be witnesses of what He’d done and would do through them by the power of the Holy Spirit. This was no man-made vision; this was a God-given vision. John Maxwell notes the following differences:

Man-made                                                              God-made:

1. Created based on human gifts and skills        Received as a revelation

2. Fulfilled by staying ahead of others                Fulfilled by obedience

3. Sees similar organizations as competitors      Sees others as complementary

4. Grow the org. & generate money                    Serve people; advance God’s rule

5. Stress may emerge inwardly & outwardly     Inward peace & outward opposition

6. May be dropped for something better            Compelling & captivating til fulfilled

We are called to a God-made vision because it takes a God-made vision to get God-made results. The vision of God is something seen from the heart, revealed by God from the inside.

What is He speaking to your heart? Is it bigger than you?

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