E100 Devotion – Day 67

July 11, 2012

Reading: John 18:1-40

It is so significant that Judas betrayed Jesus at a place he knew Jesus would be, in prayer. Judas showed up with a detachment of troops and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees. Do you need all these people to arrest one man who’s (for the most part) by himself in prayer in the early morning hours?

When Jesus said “I am He” they all stepped back and fell under the power of God. You would have to wonder if they thought that might have been significant; but they just went on like it didn’t matter.

Jesus intercedes for His disciples, asking if them to let them go their way. Jesus walked right into the prophetic fulfillment of His purpose – to become the sacrificial lamb for our sins. When Peter reacted and cut off the high priest’s servant’s ear, Jesus healed him instantly, yet they just went on like it never happened.

The mock trial was an effort to find a spot or flaw in the Lamb of God, and they found no such flaw, spot or sin. When they choose to have Him executed, they were fulfilling all of the prophetic requirements identifying the Messiah that would come and be sacrificed for all men’s sins.

The corrupted, religious people of His own house had a problem, not the world. A worldly leader had more mercy than God’s own people. He offered to let Jesus go, but they chose to kill a righteous man, and let a robber go free.

When people are blind to the truth, they overlook a lot of things that would tell them otherwise. Scriptures were fulfilled before their very eyes; supernatural events took place (them falling under the power); Jesus healed the servant’s ear after Peter cut off; and Peter denied Him 3 times as a rooster crowed at the very same time. Pilate rightly spoke when he said, “What is truth?” The Truth came in person, and they killed Him because they didn’t want to know Him (the Truth). Their truth was relative.

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