E100 Devotion – Day 66

July 10, 2012

Reading: Luke 22:1-46

The stage is being set for the revealing of hearts. The chief priests and scribes plan Jesus’ murder; Judas becomes a betrayer. Peter has a problem with commitment and fear. They all had a problem with pride and selfish ambition. While arguing over who would be the greatest, Jesus tells them they are called to be servant leaders, not worldly, selfish leaders.

Jesus predicted all of the events which played out totally synchronized with the Passover events. The next day a lamb would be sacrificed for every household for the atonement for sins, at the very same time that the Lamb of God would be sacrificed for all the sins of the world.

This new covenant meal called the Last Supper was a time when Jesus was foretelling His coming betrayal, death, burial and resurrection. He foretells Peter’s denial which Peter denies could ever happen. Yet Jesus says He was praying for Peter and that after Peter returns from his failure he will strengthen the brethren.

Is failure a part of God’s plan for all those who follow Him? Perhaps it’s just the result of those who don’t rely on prayer because they haven’t yet been convinced about the weakness of their frame. They all failed in the Garden of prayer, not on the battlefield of life. Jesus fulfilled His mission by securing the victory through prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus was about to face His ultimate challenge and test, and they couldn’t even pray for an hour for Him or for themselves, knowing they would be tested! All leaders go through their Gethsemanes. What did Jesus teach us in His Gethsemane?

  • Spiritual battles occur
  • Loneliness is felt
  • Submission is required
  • Strength is received

The disciples all failed for a reason, they had to fail enough to quit relying on their own strength and stop hiding from their weaknesses and lack of commitment. Prayerlessness is the greatest evidence of pride and self-centeredness; failure can be the greatest remedy for convincing us of prayer’s necessity.

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