E100 Devotion – Day 61

July 5, 2012

Reading: Luke 9:1-36

Jesus Christ called the twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons and diseases. He sent them out to preach the Kingdom and heal the sick.

He also commanded them to take nothing on their journey, including food, clothing or even a staff. They were not just sent out to preach and heal others, they were sent on a trust expedition. When they obeyed Christ’s commands, they could trust God to meet their needs.

When you obey the Lord and understand His Kingdom, you learn that He uses us to meet the needs of others, trusting that He will meet our needs. How many of us have learned to trust God to meet our everyday needs? Could we be waiting on our needs being met before we obey God’s commands to minister to the needs of others?

Jesus brought His disciples into His Kingdom and out of their kingdom of self. And what is their ultimate test of trust? If we’ll seek to obey God and minister to the needs of others, He’ll meet our needs with plenty left over.

The disciples grew to trust God to heal individuals through them individually, and then had to learn to trust God to meet the corporate needs of over 5,000 hungry people through them as a team.

Jesus said, “You give them something to eat.” They preferred to avoid the problem by sending them away. Sometimes we would rather get rid of problems than trust God to help us solve them, whether individually or corporately.

The answer of how to do it only came after they gave God what they had first – five loaves and two fishes. We never learn to trust God by not having; we learn by giving what we have, trusting Him to make the difference.

Is there something God told you to do that you’re waiting on, or trying to turn away from instead of giving God what you have and trusting Him to multiply it? He is our seed multiplier.

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