E100 Devotion – Day 57

July 1, 2012

Reading: Matthew 6:5 – 7:29

Corrupt religion is under heavy attack by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! He wants us to do good to please God, not to impress man. He speaks against hypocritical and image conscious acts that are to be done without seeking the benefit of improving our image. In other words, leaders must do the right things for the right reasons.

Leaders especially, can get so easily caught up in doing things for image sake – after all, so many people are watching. This goes not just for leaders, but for everyone. Jesus said to do a motive check on the following:

    • Doing good deeds not to be seen
    • Giving benevolently not to be needed
    • Praying not to be heard by man
    • Fasting not to impress others
    • Priorities and values that are not conforming to the world
    • Work and worry, work for God and you won’t worry

Jesus wants to build strong convictions in His followers. He wants to produce God-pleasers, not people-pleasers. In other words, don’t serve others, claiming you’re serving God, when you’re looking for payback or the admiration from others instead of admiration and payback from God.

We must remain diligent and relentless in our pursuit of God and not get sidetracked with worldly pursuits and worry. Before we do our giving, we must do our forgiving. One thing forgiving and giving have in common is that they both bear fruit. Unforgiveness can be a real fruit stealer.

When we refuse to forgive as God has commanded, we violate His Word which violates what it can do for us. Forgiveness is a higher form of generosity that can affect the return God promises for giving. Could the harvest of your tithing seed be hindered or interrupted by your lack of relational generosity?

Jesus warned very strongly that there’s much more at stake; when it comes to un-forgiveness, it affects our relationship with Him! He only knows those who forgive, not just those who’ve been forgiven.

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