E100 Devotion – Day 47

June 21, 2012

Reading: Jeremiah1:1-3:5

God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows us even before we’re formed in our mother’s womb. God has set aside a specific purpose for us to fulfill. Insecurity will always trouble us until we discover and fulfill our God-given identity and purpose.

Jeremiah felt inadequate once he discovered God’s purpose and calling. He was able to overcome his insecurities and feelings of inadequacy by connecting with and following his God-given calling. If God calls you, heed the call. With God’s calling comes all the resources you will need to fulfill that calling. But if He hasn’t called you to fulfill that calling, don’t try to conjure up some kind of self-appointment.

I’ve seen many Christians who thought they were called to preach who weren’t. Their parents may have called them, or their friends may have told them they were called, but God hadn’t called them. Some people see the blessing that can come to those who accept their calling and want that for themselves. The call of God is not something that we pick for ourselves. The call of God is God’s call, not ours.

We can feel called to business, called to entertainment, education or the arts. The qualifying question we must ask ourselves is, “Have I received a call or Word from the Lord?”

When we fulfill our call, we glorify the One who has called us – not ourselves. Every calling comes with sacrifice or investment that we must make to cultivate and develop in to our calling. It also comes with an anointing that we must receive for it. Every call comes with opposition against it.

Perhaps the greatest opposition we’ll face is the disapproval and rejection from those we love or respect. Opposition has a purpose too. God allows it because it’s a part of our preparation for fulfilling our greatest potential.

Insecurity, opposition, sacrifice and rejection all work us toward being God-dependant. Ask God to give you a “Word of the Lord” that reveals your calling and purpose!

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