Cleansing Streams

God loves us and has a handpicked kingdom purpose for each of our lives. But as Christians we can still carry things from our past that hold us back from the life God has planned for us; generational influences, things we have done or things that have been done to us.

In Cleansing Streams we will learn how to recognize what holds us back, and learn how to replace them with God’s plan. We will learn how to release our past to Him; submit ourselves to His Word and walk in the freedom and authority He has given us. We will cover topics such:

Knowing the Father and His love for us

Walking in the Spirit – How does my Spirit, Soul and Body affect my purpose?

Committing everything to God – How do I do it?

Speaking words of life – How do my words affect my future?

Entering the cleansing stream – Releasing my past to God

Pressing toward the goal – God’s plan for my life

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