Men’s Conference 2017


I’m so excited about the upcoming “Awake 2017 Men’s Conference” at CLC. It’s time for God’s men to awaken to all that God has destined for them. I believe God is calling us to a great change-awakening. The statistics on divorce, fatherlessness, alcohol and drug abuse, angerholism, anxiety, depression, and pornography addiction seems only to be getting worse. These modern day challenges are felt not just outside of the church but also within the church.

Too many men fail to see the changes in their lives that they long for. When we lose hope for these changes we isolate, self-medicate, overwork, and seek pleasure in all the wrong places. We often busy ourselves with hobbies, video games, television, legalism, or anything that will distract us from the misery and hopelessness we feel because we can’t seem to make the life changes we know we need to make. true spiritual growth is about changing our hearts, minds, and harmful behaviors in order to develop healthy relationships with God and His people.

There’s a God shaped hole in every man that can only be filled by Him. We were created by God to need relationships with Him and with each other. In this conference we will be teaching about how to make the life changes that every man wants to make, to be the men we know we could be, and to fulfill our God given destinies. We will have breakout discussions in small groups about how we can experience this great change awakening.

The cost is $30 per person and is from 8am to 3pm.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Phil Sanborn (contact info below xt. 206) for more information.

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