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My Story

Our Members are people like you. Read some of their stories below:


Amanda's StoryAmanda’s Story I didn’t grow up ‘going to church regularly, although I always knew there was a God. I liked to go to church because I liked being a part of something but I never really “got it”.  I knew there had to be more to life than the one that I was just existing in.

Then three years ago a friend of mine from high school whom I had kept in touch with over the years started telling me about this new church he was going to. I was happy for him because I could tell something was different. So when he invited me to his baptism, I wanted to go support him.

The week leading up to that Sunday was the worst. I had hit my rock bottom. I was slipping into depression and I had no purpose or direction in my life. I thought maybe it would be nice to get a little church time in to make myself feel better. Then the morning of the baptism, I got this thought in my head, “It’s a new day”.  Now, I didn’t normally think like that or talk to myself like that, so somewhere deep inside I knew that this day was going to be different.  The Lord was drawing me to Him! So much so, that I was crying on the way to the church. (And I’m shedding tears writing this!)

When the service started, the first song they sang was a new song that was written by the music director, Rena, and do you know what the title of that song was? “It’s A New Day!” So I lost it completely right there.  Then the next song spoke to me as well, then the Pastor started speaking words that the Lord had given her.  She said, “There are some of you here that have been thinking about coming here all week….” There wasn’t enough tissues in the building for the tears streaming down my face. How could all these people know what I was going through? How could they know what was in my head? Well, they didn’t. It was God speaking to me through them and through the music. I had never been to a church like this before but I knew I had to come back! A few weeks later I gave my life to the Lord. Ever since then I’ve had purpose, direction and LOVE! He truly loves me for me. And thankfully I have a wonderful church family that does as well!

Jo’s Story – My Husband Bill and I came to CLC in 1988, soon after we moved to Maine from Tucson, Arizona.  We were brand new Christians looking for a church that would teach us how to grow in our walk as Christians.  We got so much more; a family of friends who supported us through the ups and downs of our life and Pastors who taught us how to have a relationship with a loving God. Through ministry at CLC, we received healing and freedom and now are a part of a ministry that helps others find healing and freedom.

Steve’s Story – When I was 19 my father committed suicide. While we were at the funeral my grandmother came over to me and said that it was my fault that my father committed suicide. My parents had divorced years earlier, and for various reasons, I didn’t communicate with my father for a few years prior to his suicide.

So the enemy did a great job with this one. I was more than willing to take this on my shoulders, as I was already feeling responsible. So for many years I would beat myself up over this and I led a very destructive existence for many years after. I became very self-destructive with alcohol, and on many occasions while intoxicated, contemplated suicide myself. Although others would tell me it wasn’t my fault, I could never accept that.

After many years of fighting this battle myself, we were sitting in the place of Worship one Sunday morning and I heard the Lord tell me “YOU ARE MY SON WITH WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED.” I know that the Lord must have been telling me this for years, but at this point in my life I was finally willing to open my heart and truly receive this. Soon after, I decided that I needed the benefits of going through the transformation ministry CLC offers, and through this ministry, I was able to forgive my father for committing suicide and forgive my grandmother for making the statement she made. The Lord actually showed me how devastated she was in loosing her son. Through God’s amazing love, I was finally able to believe my dad’s suicide was not my fault.

Steve and Claudia’ Story – We moved up here from Florida in the ‘90s and visited many churches.  We were looking for one where we could feel comfortable enough to be ourselves.  Both of us have been Christians for many years but hadn’t belonged to a healthy church in a very long time.  We’d had some experiences with other churches that left us feeling hurt or empty.  It wasn’t until we found Christian Life Church in 2004 that we knew we were home. The emphasis here at CLC is love and they loved us just the way we were.

Christine’s Story – I am more amazed everyday on how much God cares about the things I care about…big and small.  I am amazed at how much God loves me, cares for me, takes care of me and answers my prayers…even when it isn’t how I expect.

God has brought me from a place of feeling like a loser in everything important in life, to a place of forgiveness for myself, forgiveness for others that I felt hurt by, to a place of knowing I am valuable and have purpose in my life.  I had considered myself a Christian since I was a teenager.  But it wasn’t until I was going through one of the lowest times in my life, through a divorce, that the Lord became my love, my friend, my savior, my healer, my rock.  He took away my pain, my disappointment, my failure and gave me the hope and peace that I needed to move forward with life and most importantly, with Him.

But the best thing of all is that He didn’t just touch me that one time and then leave me to be on my own.  Because in my life, there have been more times of trouble, however, God has never failed me!  He brought me a wonderful husband of almost 20 years, three wonderful sons, who are amazing, and a relationship with Him that is real and wonderful.

God brought me peace beyond my understanding.  Peace when my husband had to go through a five-way bypass at the age of 35 and peace when my husband was laid off after only working again for about four to six months.  Before that, we had our own business that did not succeed in the natural, but brought us closer to God.  God brought family members to Him; family members that others had given up on, but the truth is, God never gives up on us.  God loves me so much and has done so much for me, but the best part is…the bible says, God is no respecter of persons…He will and wants to show you His love too.  He will and wants to do great things for you and in you!

John’s Story – A little over a year ago my wife Deb and I began coming to CLC. We had tried another church but we really liked the teaching and fellowship at CLC. Deb and I were having marriage problems, as we also lost our girl to suicide a year before. Deb was going to Pastor Denise for grief counseling which helped her a lot.  Then Pastor Denise offered to counsel us together.  While counseling us,  she told us about the “Get Connected” Marriage Class group.  We decided to attend the class, and I found that by us going, it gave me a better chance to see the church and its membership.

Everyone we talked to was encouraging and nice. I found I really liked learning about the Lord and it seemed that I could not learn enough. We just finished doing the Cleansing Streams class. We would highly recommend it to everyone! We learned so much and again we liked the people we met and connected to in this group. I hope to continue to learn about the Lord and his Son Jesus. This has been quite a year for me. My marriage is going great!  I have the Lord in my life and I finally feel at PEACE with myself!

Deb’s Story – I always believed in God but was not following and trusting Him in my daily life.  Then on December 1st 2008, I lost my daughter due to suicide. That broke my heart and crushed my soul. That is when I ran to God. In my pursuit to know Him more, I went to a couple of different churches but I didn’t feel God in me.

Then I came to CLC and I could feel God’s presence as my spirit overflowed with tears. This is when God began to heal me. God has given me peace and joy back in my life. He has also blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter. My husband and I were also having marital problems which could have led to a divorce. We both decided to attend a marriage class at CLC. We got so much out of it!  God has done wonders for our marriage.  John and I are continuing to grow in our walk with God.  We are attending the Cleansing Streams class and we are learning so much. I have met such wonderful people here at CLC. I just love this family and I thank the Lord for Pastor Denise and Pastor Ron for their anointing and their love and support. John and I are eager for new classes so that we can learn and grow closer to God as He changes us.

Rena’s Story – Hello!  My name is Rena Bold.  I have been a member of Christian Life Church since August of 1999 and have the privilege of serving the body of Christ as the Music Director here.

My story is very similar to many others in that I did not have the easiest life growing up. Our family fell on hard times in many ways and life presented me with many challenges and “opportunities” to mess my life up even more.  Like many who are reading this, I wanted to live a good life but found myself following the crowd and walking down wrong paths that landed me in places of regret, depression and anger.  I found no fulfillment in anything and often wondered what really is my purpose for being on this earth?  On the outside I always looked happy and had a smile on my face, but inwardly I was in pain. I had grown accustomed to living a sub par life and at the time, didn’t realize that God had created me for so much more.

It wasn’t until I was invited to Christian Life Church and I was able to come to a service and hear about the character and nature of God that parts of my heart that had seemed to grow cold began to come to life again.  I began to learn that God loves me unconditionally and that He has good plans for me to give me a future and a hope.  In addition to healing my heart, God began to reignite my passion and desire to sing and like a light bulb going off in my head, one day it hit me during service that I DO HAVE A PURPOSE – to glorify Him with the gift of music He had given me!

I am forever grateful that over the last decade I have had the opportunity to be loved and mentored by some of the most amazing people at Christian Life Church.  They have walked with me through the good, the bad and the ugly, and have helped to shape the woman that I am today.  I’m still far from perfect, as we all are, but my life is much better then it was before and I’m finally headed in the right direction.  God has miraculously healed and restored my life, and in response I have given my life back to Him so through me, He can restore the lives of others.

Zac’s Story – Hi, my name is Zac Wengert. I am 16 years old and I regularly attend Christian Life Church.  I have been going to CLC since I was in the 5th grade.  Since coming to CLC, I have grown a lot in my relationship with the Lord. In my time here, I have also made some of my closest friendships; friendships that I believe will last forever. The people here at CLC are like my second family.

As a teen, I regularly attend the EDGE youth group. EDGE stands for Every Day God Experience. I have learned a lot from the teaching of our youth leaders. But, when I stay in the sanctuary to listen to Pastor Denise and Pastor Ron preach, I also learn a lot from their messages, too!  With what I have learned and the tools that have been given to me, I have developed a closer relationship with the Lord.  Closer than I ever thought possible. I discovered that I can hear His (God’s) voice and that God is still talking.  I have a better understanding of the true gift that was given to me by Jesus, along with many others. But the most important thing that I have learned is that God is not distant; I don’t need to look “this” way or act like “that” for Him to love me; because the Lord loves me just the way I am and nothing is ever going to change that!

Regina’s Story -I was blessed to have been brought up learning about God and His Word from early childhood but I didn’t always live the way God wanted me to.  I joined Christian Life Church in the fall of 2009 and just felt so welcomed right from the start.  They had so much to offer with small groups during the week that I dove right in and boy, my life has not been the same since!  I feel like I’ve grown in leaps and bounds in the past year and half.

I used to live in so much fear that I tried to control everything around me.  It caused me to fall into heavy depressions.  But even though I was aware of it, I could never seem to change my familiar ways.  I dealt with cycles of broken relationships, financial struggles, physical ailments and failure. After 40 years of chasing my tail, I had enough.  Christian Life Church offers a ministry called Transformation that was truly life changing for me.  I came out of this free from fear, hopelessness, depression, abandonment and more.  The people that dedicate their time to the CLC ministry are amazing and I’m so grateful for them.

I had really never been around such giving and caring people.  We call ourselves a family and that’s exactly what we are.  Everyone loves and accepts each other unconditionally with no judgment.  This is Jesus.

Linda’s Story –My husband Jack and I have been saved for many years.  We were looking for a church in the area, one that was involved in outreach to the community; a church that was alive and thriving!!  A co-worker often talked about her church and told us about Downpour, a service they hold on Friday nights once a month.  My husband has a heart condition so she encouraged us to go so he could be prayed for.  Jack went alone because I was working.  Pastor Dave Samuels approached him and Jack told him about his heart condition and Dave immediately prayed.  Jack was so touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the heartbeat and the warmth of the church.

The following Sunday he and I attended the early service and I cried through the whole thing!! The Spirit of God was there!!  The church was alive!!  After wards, different people came up to us and introduced themselves.  Everyone was so warm and friendly.  When we got in the car, I told Jack, “we’re home,” and I cried some more!!  I’m normally not a person that cries easily.

There are so many things I love about this church.  One thing in particular is there is much effort in making people feel like they belong and are an important part of the body.  The teaching is done in such a simplistic way and the emphasis is always on the Word of God.

We have been at CLC now for almost three and a half years.  We have totally fallen in love with the Pastors and the people in the church.  We are involved in ministry and look forward to the future and what the Lord is going to do through CLC.  We are happy the Lord brought us here.

Faith’s Story – In May 2007, I lost my father in a horrific accident – he was only 58 years old and it was 4 months before my wedding day. I felt empty, lost, and angry. Mostly I was angry at God. In the months prior to my father’s death I would commute to work on route 236. I watched as the ‘church on the hill’ was constructed and always wondered what was going on ‘up there’. After many months of undeniable grief, I felt attending a church was my last resort since nothing else was working. On our first visit, everyone made us feel so welcome. Shortly thereafter, I joined a “Get Connected” small group on grief support. While I formed new relationships, it was the healing that I received – God met me right where I was at. He showed me that while my earthly father was gone, he would never leave me nor forsake me. Christian Life Church and the relationships I formed played a key role in my journey. Since then, our family has grown and we’re excited for our son to be a part of such an amazing church family.

Ellen’s Story – That Sunday in 1997 when my daughter and son and I first attended Christian Life Church was to become a new beginning for me spiritually, emotionally and socially.  I came in fresh from a church that had treated me as an outcast and heavy-laden with the invisible wounds of depression and anxiety, right into the arms of a loving pastor and church family.  I remember thinking that all I wanted to do was go to the church service and leave immediately, without having to talk to anyone or engage in polite fellowship.  That soon changed as I was surrounded by love and kindness from people who wanted nothing from me in return.  

   Gradually, the anger and bitterness that had set deep inside me started to change and I began to feel a renewed spiritual vitality and the desire to serve the Lord again.  I began teaching in the children’s church (3’s and 4’s) and then I was invited to become a greeter (me, who never wanted to talk to people!).  God was changing me!  Eventually, I became the first woman usher, and then became the first woman Head Usher and I continue to serve in the Usher/Greeter Ministry.  

   Volunteering is another way that I have grown here at CLC.  Whether it is in the casual atmosphere of the administrative office or outside among the flowers and weeds, God’s presence abounds and I am anxious to serve and be among God’s people, for it is here that I am truly blessed and accepted and loved. 

   CLC has many opportunities for those who want to serve God, and I encourage you to become involved once you settle in to this, your new spiritual home, and feel the welcoming love of Jesus through His people here at CLC, as I have for these many years.

My Story-ShelleyShelley’s Story – I have always believed in God, but I have not always known that it was possible to have a real relationship with Him.

Shortly after my divorce in 1992, I had a strong feeling that something was missing in my life, I had a sort of niggling in the back of my brain that my life was about to change drastically, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was missing, or why I felt so lost.  Then I met two women named Bonnie and Debbie, they were roommates, and “Born Again Christians”.  I had never heard of the term “Born Again” and I certainly didn’t know what it meant, but, I did know that these two women had something that I desperately wanted, they had God in their lives every day, they seemed to have a sense of peace and a certainty that God was watching over them and that He truly cared for them. They spoke to me about sin, and about how I was living in a very sinful world.  I began attending their church.  After attending their church, I truly felt that I was on the right path towards this God that they had. 

Several years later, I became very ill, and had to have emergency surgery.  Just days before, my friends gave me a Bible and showed me the 23rd Psalm.  I read that Psalm and immediately felt a need to memorize it.  On the day of the surgery, I was very frightened, although I knew what to expect medically regarding the surgery and recovery, I didn’t know what to expect should something go wrong.   The question came to me “If I pass away, will I wake up in heaven?  At that moment I realized why I I felt such a strong need to memorize Psalm 23, it was a way for God to speak to me, to show Himself to me for the first time.  As I was waiting to be brought into surgery, I closed my eyes and began to recite that Psalm, I said it many times.  I felt such a sense of peace, I just knew that God was touching me in a mighty way.  After the surgery, my Dr. spoke with me  and told me to expect a recovery period of 6 to 8 weeks.  You can’t imagine the surprise on his face when I was back to work in just 4 weeks, after all, our Heavenly Father is the Great Physician.

In 1998 I moved to Georgia, where I found a wonderful church and truly began my walk with God.  When the economy shifted in 2009, I moved North again and moved in with my sister and her husband.  You might say that I was sort of returning to the starting point of my journey with God. 

My biggest concern upon arriving in Maine wasn’t whether I’d find a job; I knew I would find something.  No….my concern was whether I’d be able to find a Christ centered church.  I feel so blessed to have been led to CLC.  I knew from the moment I attended that very first service, that I had found my new church home.

This journey I am on has not always been easy; there has been sadness and loss, illness and death;  the death of my fiancée in 2006 and just recently the death of my sister’s husband. But, I know that God has been with me through all of this.  He has a plan for my life, and I know that if I trust in Him, He will always keep my feet on solid ground.  I believe that He not only wants us to love Him, but also to be in love with Him, and I am.

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