SERVICES :  Sundays 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM & Fridays 7:00 PM


The CITL Family

Jesus Christ came to the earth preaching and demonstrating what life in the Kingdom of God is like. CITL life is centered on the King, Jesus the Christ and His kingdom. Our Church services start with vibrant and contemporary praise and worship ministry focused on ministering to the Lord. As we minister to Him, giving Him thanksgiving and praise for all He has done, He responds to us, with prophetic words of exhortation and encouragement. In the atmosphere of His Kingdom many are healed, physically, emotionally and spiritually in every service. Powerful messages from God’s Word brings repentance, salvation, healing, deliverance and maturity to those attending.

Devotion to the Lord is a core value that motivates the CITL family to begin and continue to develop biblical discipleship daily – studying God’s word, developing a vibrant and affective prayer life and walk with the Lord. We also meet in small groups, seminars and training sessions and learn how to develop healthy relationships with God, others and ourselves.

Pastoral care is provided through Get Connected groups, lay pastors and pastoral care staff. We learn to share our faith in our communities through acts and deeds of kindness as servant leaders, leading others into Christ-likeness. We gather also for regional ministry training and global missionary outreach. To put it all together in a mission statement we say, “We’re growing together locally, reaching out regionally and sending forth globally.”

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