Getting Connected To God

September 18, 2013

listening to gods voiceTonight we begin our Fall Semester of Get Connected Groups.  We offer many groups and gatherings designed to connect you to God, to one another and to your purpose.  Different groups have different focuses.   I would like to introduce you to a few groups that are designed to improve your God Connect.

Cleansing Streams
–  Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm   led by Jonell Bowman and Claudia Hill

No matter how long you have been a Christian this class will bring something new and powerful to your Christian walk!  This group will take you on a journey as you explore four important areas of your walk with God.

  1. How does your Spirit, Soul and Body affect your walk with God? What does it mean to walk in the Spirit.
  2. What does it mean to commitment everything to the Lord and why.
  3. How do my words affect my future?
  4. How can I be cleansed from the issues of the past?

Come ready to participate in honest discussions; to learn deeper ways of communicating with God and be prepared to change, as you explore God’s Word and allow Him to transform your life.

For more information contact Jo at

Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice – Thursday, 6:15-8:00 pm    Led by Claudia Hill

Do you struggle to hear God’s voice? Ever gone to seek the Lord in prayer and felt that your prayers just bounced off the ceiling?  Ever sought God in earnest prayer to give you wisdom or direction and heard nothing in reply? Wish you could learn to clearly pick out His voice within your heart?  This group will take you on a scriptural journey that will reinforce the truth that God still speaks to His children today.

For more information email Claudia at

Introduction to the Prophetic -Wednesday 6:30 – 8:00 pm   Led by Christine Wengert

Do you sense that you are prophetic but aren’t quite sure what to do with it?  Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Prophet, the Gift of Prophecy and the Spirit of Prophecy?  Do you wonder how people operate prophetically or who should be prophesying?  Then join Christine for this 6 week group that will explore the Word of God about prophecy and learn how you can tap into the voice of God to minister to others.

For more information contact Christine at

You can also visit our website for more details regarding each of these groups.


Empowering Men Through Getting Connected

Group-of-men-reading-300x199Dear Gentlemen;

Beginning tonight (Sept. 18th)  we will be launching our Fall Semester of Get Connected Groups that will empower you in your journey with God.


Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:00 pm

  • Bill Bowman will be facilitating a group entitled “Manliness” –
    Are you tired of seeing men portrayed as less than what they really are?  Then join Bill as he takes lessons from classic gentlemen such as Benjamin Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, from the book, “The Art of Manliness” by Brett and Kate McKay.  A book filled with a collection of the most useful advice every man needs to know to live life to its full potential.  Bill will also be using gleaning from “Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide” written by Frank Miniter.  This will prove to be a great night of spirited conversation filled with serious and hilarious moments as men come together to expose the lies and establish the truth of manhood.

For more information regarding “Manliness” contact Bill Bowman at

  • Pastor Ron Satrape will also be facilitating a group on Wednesday evening that is for both men and women, entitled “Desire”  – The journey we must take to find the life God offers.

Using the book written by John Eldredge, this group will help you to uncover and decipher the desire within.  Many of been told that the path to a holy life requires you to kill your hearts desires and in this group you will discover the truth that God loves to fulfill your hearts desires.  Come unlock the truth and tap into the desires that God has placed within you and begin to truly live the life you were created for.  Come expecting great interactive conversations that will challenge your thinking and motivate your heart.

For more information about “Desire” contact Pastor Ron at

Thursday Night at 6:30-8:00 pm

  • Martin Pelletier and Pastor Alison Pelletier, will be facilitating the group “Not A Fan”  A group opened to both men and women.

This is a six week group  will explore the difference between being a fan or a follower of Jesus.  Follow the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading compartmentalized triple life… When confronted with a near death experience, Eric embarks on a spiritual journey that transforms his commitment to Jesus Christ and tests the faith of his friends and family.

This will be a thought provoking group filled with interactive dialogue that will leave you changed.

For more information email


Womens – Fall Get Connected Groups

September 17, 2013

Dear Women

The Fall is a great season to grow in your walk with the Lord and in the truth while reconnecting with old friends or establishing new ones!  This week we launch two groups that are specifically focused toward women.

Tuesday nights – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm   (6 week Course)

Sacred Secrets by Beth Moore           Led by Bobbi Slavin Cimini

This group will take place in Bobbi’s home in Portsmouth.  To find out more information and or directions, check out the web site or email Bobbi at

Thursday nights – 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Stronger: by Angela Thomas                 Led by Christine Holmes

This group will be held at CLC and ministry for children will be available.  For more information, check out the website or contact

Come expecting to grow in truth and in your relationships!!






Its Not Too Late to Get Connected!

GetConnected_Q413_cover_CLC_smallThe Fall Semester of Get Connected Groups are launching this week.  Check out the  online directory of groups listed on our web page – or email us at and we will be happy to mail you a directory.  We have a variety of groups that will help you to connect with others, with God and to your purpose.

There are fellowship groups that meet monthly for different age groups and interests. There are men’s groups, women’s group and groups that are mixed, as well as groups for youth and children that meet weekly.  Groups meet on site and off site depending on the group. We have groups that meet throughout the week on various days and times.  On Wednesday and Thursday nights we host many onsite groups that include childcare and children’s ministry taking at CLC.

Memorial Day Picnic – Join Us!

May 24, 2013

CLC Slide Memorial Day_May 27 2013 websmallMemorial Day picnic on Monday, May 27, from 12 noon until dusk, at the Eliot Boat Basin. Bring meat to grill and something good to share and a lawn chair! Invite friends & family and come prepared for fun. This always serves as a great way to spend the holiday.  Contact Bill.Bowman at or 207.439.2118 for more information.

We Wouldn’t Want To Miss Your Call!

May 10, 2013

We wouldn’t want to miss your call, so please be sure to update your phone directory to reflect the correct number. (207) 449-3824





Pastoral Care Ministry Opportunities

April 25, 2013

Jo-BowmanDear CLC family,

As a family at CLC, we are experiencing some wonderful opportunities to care for the needs those who are going through difficult times like illnesses, hospitalizations or rehab, or death in the family.

Pastoral Care Ministry has been so rewarded by providing meals, helping with yard work or even doing chores around the home.  This allows the person or family to focus on recovery or caring for their loved one.  We have also helped families pack–up and move since some of our CLC  families are in the military and are with us for a season.

There is always room for anyone who would like to join us, so we would love to know if you are interested in helping in any of these ways, and would be willing to be notified by email when a need arises.

If you would like to help in any of the ways below, and would like to be placed on an email notification email list, Please reply to, and let me know in which way you would like to help.

1- Making meals
2- Inside house chores like cleaning
3- Outside house chores like yard work
4- Running errands, giving rides
5- Packing or moving

Sometimes we have several needs all at once and other times there are no needs for a while.

You will receive an email when there is a need and you can email me back that you would like to help.

I will contact you with the final details like contact person, dates, diet restrictions etc.

God Bless You,

Jonell Bowman
Pastoral Care Director
Christian Life Church
207-449-3824 ex 202


Get Connected This Spring!

April 10, 2013

Our Spring Semester of Get Connected Groups has just launched, and it’s not too late to join a group.  You can check out our Get Connected Directory on our web page at  or simply click the link below and it will direct you to our Get Connected list of groups.

For more information on a group just click on the title of the group for more details.

We have many opportunities for you to make a connect this semester. Come and Get Connected to God; to others and to your purpose.

Spring is a great time to Get Connected!


Breaking New Grounds!

April 5, 2013

4-6 Breaking New Ground_web_April 6 CLC 2013Men! Come together and Break New Ground on Saturday, April 6, from 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon at CLC. Please contact 207.449.3824 xt. 206.

Calling all Men!  Spring has finally come and its time to prepare the church grounds for its debut.  Join as we gather for a time of fellowship while working together to prepare God’s House for this new season.  Bring a rake, a shovel, and work gloves if you need them and a heart to make a difference.  Coffee, Juice, donuts and bagels will be served.

Fearless Love – Women’s Event

March 12, 2013

s Conference_web April 2013You are invited you to join us on April 20th, at Christian Life Church, 775 Harold L Dow Hwy, Eliot, ME, for our annual Women’s Conference.  The theme for this event is “Fearless Love.” Our ministry will focus on the fearless love of God toward us and overcoming the obstacles that keep us from fearlessly loving our God.

Come expecting a powerful day of ministry, where the word will be taught, then caught as we have interactive breakout sessions to dialogue with each other the truth’s being communicated.  There will be moments of powerful worship where the ministry of the Holy Spirit can ignite and touch the inner man in such a way that we leave changed!

Join us in an atmosphere of friendship and excellence as we begin at 8:15 with a continental breakfast, (sessions begin at 9:00 a.m.) a salad buffet for lunch and a day filled with camaraderie with other wonderful women of God. This event is open to women of all ages (including teens).  The day will conclude at 4:30 p.m.

The cost of the event is $40 if you register prior to March 31st. ($50 after March 31st).  [Please make your childcare plans early as we will not have childcare for this event and plan to come.]

For more information you can contact me at  Place in the subject line- “Fearless Love,” and I will forward or mail you the information needed to register for this life changing event or you can call 207449-3824.

There are limited financial aid available, for more information, please contact us by March 28th.  (Financial aid is a partial pay of $25 and a commitment to volunteer for the event.)

Reach out, invite a friend and allow the perfect love of God to cast out your fears and live the fearless life of love you were




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